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Mindpuss Launch Party- Thursday 2nd April Upstairs in Toners of Baggot Street, Dublin. Festivities start at 8pm!



Success! I've finally finished Mindpuss issue 1.  Just a few tweaks here and there, then off to the printer next week.  I'll

have it for sale at the Comic Thing in London on the 28th but won't have an official launch until 2nd of April.  Not entirely sure

where exactly but will be putting the word out when I get a venue.  Jerry Hoon is limbering up for the occasion (see below).



I've been doing some new style colours using indian ink when taking breaks from the Mindpuss comic.  Check out the results

below.  Looking forward to the UK comic Thing which is coming up at the end of the month and will be well and truly finished

the comic for then.  Will be announcing a launch date for Mindpuss in the next week or so.

The Leaf boy


The Fastest Boy in my Class


Catch of the Day


You Fucking Liar


Red Goitre


Sherman Tank (circa 2051)



Here are some new watercolours I recently did while I was stuck indoors as  the snow fell out yonder.  Cabin fever is delicious...



Trouble brewing...What is Igor up to?



Some new watercolours up in the watercolour section which you can see here. They are called 'Chicken Dolmio' and ' Touch me There'.

I've finalized the titles of the 3 different stories coming up in Mindpuss issue 1:

1-Sad Dog & the UFO

2-The Pursuit of Mindpuss

3-Jerry Hoon & his Racoon


I've also put up some new wallpapers in the free stuff section- they're all high res, but everyone has massive monitors so it's all good!



Ok, firstly Happy New Year to one and all. Roll on 2009 - I predict a good year for Irish comics!

I've just got my table confirmed at The UK web and comic Thing 2009.  Really looking forward to going over as this will be my first convention.

Mindpuss # 1 is coming along nicely but will be launched first week in Feb due to unexpected delays around Christmas...

But I'll have plenty of copies to bring along with me as well as some of my older stuff which I shall be resurecting for the convention.   

Below is a sneak peek from the first story in the upcoming new comic.  First 4 panels of 'Sad Dog and the UFO'.

Poor ol' Sad Dog- what ever will he be up to next?

Also, I've managed to post some new water colours that I did in December- you check them out HERE


Just put up my 24hr comic for this year- It's called Random Acts of Violence and I got the title from the random generator prompt page that

was floating around on the day.  You can see it here.  


Hello.  Check out the album art I did for Story of Hair's debut album Cheap Rate:  I would recommend spending your green on this little

gem as it is a superb collection of poppin/ rockin' tunes.  They have also designed their website and myspace around the artwork!

The first pic is the outside cover and the bottom one is the inside.


Yo.  Was at the 24hr thingy last week and it was a great day all round.  Nice to see al the other comic artists from around the country

 doing their thing.  There was some amazing stuff being drawn!  Look forward to seeing the results when they go up on the 24 hr website.

I hadn't a fucking clue what to draw before I got there so I was relying on the prompt generator that was knocking about.  I instantly chose

'Random Acts of Violence' as my title and so it began.  Between all the chatting, sipping of beer, and being interviewed! I only managed half

the 24 pages on the day, however I'll be finished it in the next week and will have it up on this site and the official 24hr comic site.  Here's page 1:



Coming up this weekend folks - 24 Hour Comics Day 2008.  I'll be there for as long as I can last.  Spread the word. Hail Irish Comics!!

Also be sure to keep an eye out for the free comic anthology which will be released on the same day as the 24 Hour Comic Day

(18th/19th Oct).  It has a brand new 6 page story from me called the boy with the expanding hand.  It will be available in all good comic shops!

The cover looks like this:



I've started work on my first publication in quite some time - actually it's my first proper publication as I had previously only distributed

photocopied versions of my comics (in limited numbers).  This will be a 24 page release and I'm aiming to have a christmas launch.  There

will be 3 stories - Sad dog, The Experiment, and Jerry Hoon & His Racoon.  MindPuss issue #1 coming soon...


I have just completed my submission for this months Irish Comic Creator Challenge and you can see the entries here.  This time round it was a

one page story based on your favourite memory of being in school...

Also, I managed to get my submission in to an anthology for this years Free Comic Day- it's a six page story called "The boy

with the Expanding Hand", and it will be available (for free) in all good comic shops around the country from the 18th Oct. Other

artists involved in the comic are Paddy Lynch and Bob Byrne, amongst others...

Finally, I'll be at the 24 hr comic challenge which also takes place on the 18th/19th Oct at the Central Hotel, and promises

to be an even bigger, badder, and ruder event than last year.  See my effort from last year here.


I've put up some more watercolours that I've done over the summer holidays. Other news is that I have been comissioned to

do the cover art for CD releases for two bands that I like and I am so privilaged to be associated with.  Check out this

from Hoovers & Sledgehammers. Story of Hair's album will be released on 31st Oct 2008, so I'll post art work from that in due course...


I've put some brand new drawings up in the watercolour section, and you can see my last 2 efforts from the comic creator challenge in the

comics section too!


Just thought I'd post something up here of the process I go through when creating some of my drawings/comics, for those of you

interested, please read on...


It all takes place here at my trusty, home-made, customised desk.   


I have a scanner built into the desk so that it's unsightly old girth is only visible when needed...


A light box is also part of  table so I can do outline inking.  My lovely Bamboo tablet helps clean up some of my mistakes once pages are scanned.


I only ever use these four various pens for inking. I've had them for 3 years and I love them very much.


Finally I colour the drawings using this antique set of Winsor & Newton watercolours.


Below is an example of how an idea developes from sketch to final submission...A detail from this months comic creator challenge.

The sequence is something like so: 1): Eat large amounts of Mango so idea formulates (not shown), 2): Rough pencil sketch,

3): Refined pencil sketch for tracing, 4): Outline in ink traced from previous sketch using lightbox, 5): Final colouring using watercolours.


Sometimes my cat takes interest in the above process...


I have completed a shit load of new watercolours over the past few weeks so I will be putting them up as soon as I get my scanner up

and running once again... Just completed round 11 of comic creator challenge which should be hosted over on their site in the next week

or so.  This time round it was another colaboration of sorts, with different submissions from multiple artists drawing a different heading

under the same theme- mine was "A war hero loses his faith while sleeping"


Comic creator challenge round 10 is finished and is hosted over on Fyshbowl comics if you want to have a goo at the end product.

Looks like it worked out extremely well.  There were 10 cartoonists altogether and each person had to draw 1 page but only after

seeing the previous page in the story.  Potentional for mayhem but the end result is really great.  I drew page 6.

I should have a new comic and more drawings up this week  too.



Got some new watercolour sketches done this week.  Have been watching a lot of awful TV so I've been inspired accordingly...

You Go Girl          Dancing on Ice 2024          Protect the Innocent

Also finished my contribution to the comic creator challenge for this month and was rather happy with it.  The completed comic

should be online in the next month or so!  

Haven't checked out other networks yet except Vodafone, but if you have mobile internet on your phone, go to and

highlight your favourite drawing and then download to your handset.  Images are automatically re-sized to suit your phone.  Beauty.




Welcome to Mindpuss.  It has been a long time coming but finally I have a place to host all aspects of my art.  Hope you like it.

I am currenty working on a brand new batch of comics, in colour full glorious colour, which I should have up in the next week or

2.  One of them is  "Jerry Hoon & His Racoon" and another called "Sad Dog", which follows a dog who seems to be sad all the

time for some reason- poor little fellow...

Also this week I'll be drawing my contribution to this months comic creator challenge- which this time round is a colabroration with several

other cartoonists - will post up the link to that once it is all completed.