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This is a little sketch that I had done a while back and so decided to paint it with my new set of W&N watercolours at the weekend.  Worked out well I thought.  It's a shame that I'll be missing both the 2D Festival and Edition Book arts this year as they were so great last year, and I expect things to be even better this time round.  Check out the respective websites and make it along to support your local comics ombudsman.

So this is another example of whats to come in the new Mindpuss.  I am enjoying this comic so much that I may be extending the story a couple of extra pages.  What did that little Duck-Billed Idiot do to you Mr. Souffle?


The lovable Phil Barrett had sent me this rather excellent note a while ago (which was a reject!)  and I've only gotten round to displaying

it to the public now.  Thanks again Phil it's a beauty and it also slightly scares me.

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Blogger did something funny at the start of May which annoyed me and also made my blog integration to this website not work any more.

I'll be getting myself a new news page soon so in the mean time here is a picture for your ponderance.