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Hey folks, this is the cover to the collection The Complete Tales from Mugland which is almost ready for release (in the next few days!).  At 76 pages, It will be available through this website and will be AUD$6 (4) which includes P&P and it will come with an original doodle of Bod doing a Tipple Dance.  Yummy. In other news I hear that Gold is still being exchanged for cash in various shopping areas!  Wowsers!  


This is the main character, Bod, from the upcoming The Complete Tales from Mugland and I can't really say what has happened to the poor chaps arm?!


So this a previously unreleased page from the upcomming 'Complete Tales from Mugland' that I'll be releasing soon.  It will weigh in at a hefty 76 pages and will be all the collected issues of TFM that I've worked on over the years, ie Issues 1 - 6, and will include a previously unreleased 9 page story of Bod winning the lottery, based on the Elves & the shoemaker. It will also be beautifully bound with new colour cover and a full history of the contents therein.  Stay tuned.