24 Hr Comic Challenge 2007: This was my 24 hour challenge. It took place in Oct 2007 in the Central Hotel.  I hadn't the faintest idea what

to expect before the event, but as soon as I arrived and got to my table it wasn't long before I decided what to do.  I had a quick look at the

random title generator that was available, but nothing really stood out for me.  The previous night, I had an amazingly vivid dream, in which I

was at the challenge and drawing a comic called 'The 2mm Bridge'.  So I thought I "what the hell I'll go with that" .  Kick off was at 12 noon,

and I started pretty much straight away..by 6 am I had pencilled and inked all 24 pages, and watercoloured the first 6,  but  I was beginning

to see things at that stage that didn't look normal so I threw in the towel.  All in all a great experience and I'll be there next year fo sure...